Here is what people are saying about Eastern Voices, Volume 1

“Some of the sharpest thinkers in the world church are doing grassroots ministry in eastern nations. As their countries cannot afford specialist writers, their insights are often lost to the church worldwide. This is a shame because the church would be greatly enriched by their insights.

I am so glad for this book, which is introducing to a wider audience the thinking and experiences of some of our outstanding leaders.”

AJITH FERNANDO, Teaching Director, Youth for Christ, Sri Lanka

“Seldom is the Eastern leadership voice, especially of church leaders, heard. This book is a refreshing departure from the usual.

Many themes run through this book, offering a reality from the grassroots of church leadership. It is a delightful reading of visions, aspirations, dreams, struggles and strivings of leaders of local churches in Asia—a guide for those who want to know the issues of Asian church leadership. I endorse this book as an invitation to journey into the world of pastoral leadership in Asia.”

REV. C. B. SAMUEL, Advisor, Micah Global,
former CEO, The Evangelical Fellowship of India
Commission on Relief (EFICOR)

“In my lifetime, Christianity has become a truly global faith. A few generations ago, Christianity still came mainly from the West to the East. Now, as we become a global Church, it is wonderful to see how our faith impact cultures, peoples, and world views. While we all worship the same Christ, how he is expressed in different places is indeed wonderfully diverse, uniquely creative, and beyond our imagination.

This collection of works from Asia sheds light on how God is experienced in different parts of his world. A perspective from our global brothers and sisters not only enriches our own understanding of God, but encourages us once again to see our unique privilege to be involved in his Great Commission.”

EDWIN KEH, CEO, The Hong Kong Research Institute of Textile and Apparel

“Our Lord’s global vision promoted through his local voices! This book harnesses the good of her past, connects better leaders among the present, and promotes some of the best voices for the future well-being of Christ’s Church.

If one cares to understand, appreciate, and support growing healthier ministry initiatives through local voices, read about what God is doing in the world’s most populous, and therefore precious, region. Let’s join them in providing a platform to the voices you will hear inside.”

RAMESH RICHARD, President, RREACH/Professor,
Dallas Theological Seminary; Founder, Trainers of
Pastors International Coalition [TOPIC]

“Testimony builds faith. Reflection develops depth. Here’s a delightful compilation of testimonies and reflections, from different Asian Christian leaders, to build faith and develop depth. I’ve enjoyed reading it!”

EDMUND CHAN, Leadership Mentor, Covenant EFC;
Founder, Global Alliance of Intentional Disciplemaking Churches

“You need to read these chapters—every one of them. Grow what you know about Christians in eastern countries. Rethink what you thought you knew. Listen to these new voices. Study their approaches. Learn from God-followers who are presenting original culturally-appropriate ways to bring Jesus to their countries.”

MARLENE LeFEVER, author of Creative Teaching Methods
and architect of two survival curriculums,
Ebola Crises and After the Earthquake

“The challenge of Asia is immense, with an estimated 60% of the entire world living there, including two countries whose populations together approaches 2.5 billion souls. The context of Asia is complicated, diverse, and spiritually overwhelming, with most of the world’s Hindus, Buddhists, and Moslems living there—plus more than a billion whose world view is classified as secular. These realities make Eastern Voices an answer to an urgent need—to understand ministry in Asia through the eyes and wisdom of Asian leaders.

Eastern Voices takes us into the classroom of experienced, godly Christian leaders as they address issues that we in the Western world might not understand. This first of many anticipated volumes is a library of training for people serving in Asia.

The book asks the question, “Can you hear the voices?” I strongly encourage any Christian leader interested in or burdened for Asia to sit, read Eastern Voices, and listen carefully.”

PAUL BORTHWICK, Development Associates International,
Author of
Western Christians in Global Mission:
What’s the Role of the North American Church

“One of the most profound evidences of our being made in the image of God is the hearing and the telling of our stories. The God of Scripture is a story-telling God who has made people to be and do likewise. Many things can keep our story-circles too small, however, and then we fail to benefit from the depth and breadth of what God is doing around the world.

Eastern Voices Volume 1 will help to change that. To hear these particular Christian voices from various parts of Asia is a richly formative gift. The events and experiences are important, but even more important is the chance to hear the Holy Spirit’s work inside these varied cultural and personal contexts. We can be awakened beyond the limits of our own daily setting to a fresh awareness of God’s faithfulness in different contexts and lives.

What a treasure house. Hear these stories and be moved!”

MARK LABBERTON, President, Fuller Theological Seminary

“As a Chinese American who has spend a lifetime in multicultural ministry in the U.S., I appreciate Eastern Voices as a unique contribution to the global church’s conversation about culture, ministry, and theology. I especially appreciate the ways contemporary challenges of generational, gender, and racial/ethnic partnership are framed in the narratives of our sisters and brothers in Asia. They resonate with issues we experience in the West, yet in fresh articulation that promise fresh ways forward.”

National Director of Asian American Ministries
InterVarisity Christian Fellowship


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